Some People Excel At Valuation And Some Don’t – Which One Are You?

Or oror inputs to valuation there is established based practice within those areas but I think what I’d refer to as next practice in IP is the ability to integrate all of that kind of multiple disciplines into an effective valuation so I’ve got a few case studies which might case studies war stories which might illustrate how things can go wrong if you forget about one of those legs or one of those platforms to evaluation what one thing I will mention that there have been various standards for intangible asset.

Evaluation and so on they’ve all been quite high-level documents there is this new ICS at the Royal Institution ofChartered Surveyors it’s it’s international guidance note on IP valuation and.


it’s the first international document I think that really tries to go into the need to understand the legal functional and economic characteristics of IP and it also looks at IP in a fairly commercial context by grouping particular IP map that might support a brand IP that might support technology or that can support autistic content so.

I think that’s a that’s a useful document not just for those who value as of IP themselves but also for those who might have to read an IP valuation report or might have IP in there their company and they’re thinking of commissioning evaluation for one reason or another I think before you before.

you order anything particular professional services it’s quite good to have a background understanding so you can you ensure that firstly you’rescoping evaluation properly and also that.

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