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Risk profile changes everything so opportunity cost looking you’ve right in the face yep so and then you never have seen the debt and the things not going up in value you’re getting in your getting rent but the rent is really servicing the debt and you ‘re getting depreciation which effectively artificial cash flow that you’re going to have to give back when you sell it into art it’s just yet sorely be one there Bryson’s so it’s a blind faith about the doubling cycloids some is the second mistake.

I see we’ve you know you hear us go on and on about asset selection and science that is property investing and that science getting better and Melbourne property valuations better you know I actually wrote something last-night which will appear in a magazine in the next coming months around the research of property investment is getting more and more fundamental it’s getting more and more granular andI’m super excited about that because obviously direction well.

It is and you know we’ve built a research tool in your business that we think is world class in terms of identifying opportunities from an aggregate down to a finite street level and that’s that amazing in terms of it obviously give our clients a competitive advantage and you know this is the other thing I get really passionate about what I just can’t stand it when I hear people saying that property investment is simple easy it just gets my goat up you know the reason I can’t fathom that is because exactly that year it is easy to go out and put your money on the table and buy an apartment or buy a house or buy off plan whatever it may be because everyone’s doing it and in the past the rising Titleist you but it just it justs-taggers me that people are going to take that view that it’s just that easy-and because.

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